Brothers Celebrate Feast of the Holy Saints John

On December 26, 2015 the brothers of Benjamin Franklin Lodge celebrated the Feast of the Holy Saints John at the Tornado Steak House in Madison.  After dinner they retired to Nostrano just down the street for desert.

The Brethren at Tornado Steak House

The Brethren at Tornado Steak House to celebrate the Feast of the Holy Saints John.

The Brethren at Nostrano for desert.

Nostrano for Desert

The Feast of the Holy Saints John occupies an important place in Masonic tradition.  Much has been written about this topic, and people continue to study its significance to this day.  More information is available in these articles:

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Benjamin Franklin Lodge № 83 Installation

On December 9, 2015, Benjamin Franklin Lodge № 83 installed its new officers for the 2016 Masonic year.  MWPGM Dan Slavik acted as Installing Master and W. Bro J. Patrick Storrs was Installing Marshall.  The installation was held in conjunction with our annual holiday party where Brothers and their significant others came together to celebrate not only the upcoming holidays, but also brotherhood in The Craft itself.

Benjamin Franklin Lodge's 2016 Officers

Benjamin Franklin Lodge’s 2016 Officers

Installed were (from left):

W. Bro. Travis West, Trustee
Bro. James Anderson, Secretary
Trustee II
Bro. Richard Drerup, JuniorWarden
Bro. Dave Baux, Junior Deacon
W. Bro Adam Witt, Worshipful Master
W. Bro Erik Nielsen, Immediate Past Master
MWPGM Dan Slavik, Installing Master
Bro. Glen Witt, Tiler
W. Bro Pat Storrs, Installing Marshall
Bro. Jeff Ethlington, Inner Guard & Almoner