George Washington’s Eggnog

At our last Brother Night, the Brethren sampled eggnog made by our Almoner, Merrell Tomlin. It was delicious. Without further ado, this is how you make it:

In this day and age we are not used to mixing up our favorite cocktails a week in advance. But with homemade eggnog you will have to make it at least five days in advance to give it time to cure. This not only maximizes taste and texture but ensures that the alcohol cures the raw eggs.

2 cups Brandy             10 large Eggs
1 cup Rye Whiskey         ¾ cup Sugar
1 cup Dark Rum            1 quart Whole Milk
½ cup Cream Sherry        1 quart Heavy Cream

Mix liquors first in a separate container. Separate yolks from whites into 2 large bowls. Whisk yolks briskly adding the sugar in until the mixture turns a light yellow. Add liquor mixture slowly to yolk mixture, continuing to whisk until well incorporated (the mixture will turn brown). Continue whisking while slowly adding the milk and cream to the mixture. Set aside.

Beat the whites of the eggs until stiff and fold into the alcohol mixture. Cover the mixture in an airtight container (like a gallon Mason Jar).

Allow eggnog to cure undisturbed for several days (4~7) in the coldest part of the refrigerator, or outside in your garage (under 40 degrees) The mixture will separate as it cures. This is OK. Mix by whisking before serving cold.